7 Ways To Take Care of Your Dark Skin

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So ever since Beyonce released the hit track “Brown Skin Girl” which featured Nigerian superstar Wizkid, there has been a craving for the dark skin. With so many questions arising like, how do I get a perfect dark skin?, how do I take care of my dark skin?, how do I make my dark skin glow? and so many others. Today, we are finally going to look at 7 ways to take care of your dark skin and also maintain it to attain perfection.

After going through this you would have an idea of how the likes of Regina Hall, Beyonce and other women with melanin popping skin do the magic. So here is it;

7 ways to take care of your dark skin
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Try to make it a habit to cleanse your skin twice a day, most especially the face once your wake in the morning and before going to bed at night. This might seem like the same routine, which you apply to the teeth but it helps exfoliate the skin and keep the skin lively.

To achieve this you would require a mild and gentle skin cleanser, it is most advised that you meet an esthetician to find out which cleanser is best suited for your skin.

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Most times the skin gets unusually dry and dehydrated, as we know once we feel dehydrated as humans we usually rush to take water to hydrate. Well this phenomenon also occurs with our skin, when this happens you would be required to apply a moisturizer to your skin to help brighten it up.

According to studies, it is best to moisturize the skin when it is damp, as this help penetrate the skin pores and also try using warm water to open up the skin pores. There are different moisturizers for different skins, so its best you use the one which suits your skin best.

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Your skin could get rough as a result of accumulation of dead skin cells. The only way to get rid of this is by exfoliation, yeah you heard me right. Exfoliating your dark skin could however, have some issues according to skin care products manufacturer, L’Oreal. The dark skin reacts to chemical exfoliants, so it’s advisable to monitor your skin and see how it reacts when you exfoliate.

However, dry skin should exfoliate once a week and oily skin should exfoliate at least two to three times a week. Exfoliation helps smooth the skin when the right exfoliator is used so so well to consult a dermatologist to find out which exfoliator is best suited for your skin.

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So most times, we tend to think that our dark skin can’t get sunburned but that myth is totally discarded. The dark skin if not properly taken care of can be sunburned, which in turn causes skin diseases like skin cancer. However, the best way to prevent it is by applying sunscreen to the body every day, that’s right although the dark skin a less prone to these diseases it could be very deadly on the skin as it would hardly be detected. Sunscreens help protect from the Ultraviolet rays and the damages it causes.

Did you know that applying sunscreens help reduce skin aging?, well the good news is that almost all regular moisturizers contain sun protection factor (SPF).

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As the saying goes, “good food is equivalent to good health”. A balanced diet with the right combination of all classes of food in their right proportion would help make the skin look fresher and younger. Add mostly fresh fruits to your meal, it would go a long way in making you feel hydrated from inside out, most especially if it is a watery fruit. Eggs, Fish, Milk, Cheese and other food rich in protein help make the skin glow.

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We all when we are thirsty, water goes a long way in quenching that thirst. But, we probably do not know that water also hydrates the skin and even our inner organs which makes us look lively. It is advisable to drink 8 glasses to 10 glasses a day.

Also resting properly and adequately could help us achieve a balanced life. When we sleep our mind and body are at rest and when the mind and body are at rest, the brain functions properly. This also helps us get stronger and also look younger as we relieve a lot of stress while resting.

Source: Dr. Tiffany Clay


Even after getting a lot of helpful articles on the internet, it is best advised to see a well-trained dermatologist. This is will help in finding the right products for your skin and also check your skin regularly. You can look for certified dermatologist at AAD, or the Skin of Color Society, to find a specialist around you.

So guys, here you’ve got this is the best ways to take care of your gorgeous melanin popping skin if you’ve got other methods you use feel free to tell us in the comment section.

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